Feel free to ask questions regarding Little Mix and this blog, but first please read the FAQs before asking.

⇒ What’s Little Encyclopedia?
Little Encyclopedia is an Encyclopedia about Little Mix. In other words, you can get information of Little Mix there. Information like profiles, lyrics, tutorials etc.

⇒ I want to help you out! How can I apply for staff?
Please go here to apply.

⇒ Who should I contact regarding my private content?
You can contact me through here.

⇒ What’s Hotlink?
Hotlink is copying a download link or copying image urls without re-uploading them and posting them somewhere else.

⇒ What is spam?
Spam is a really short, meaningless comment and/or doesn’t fit the topic/subject being discussed.


 CORRECT: OMG! This video is so funny! They are so gorgeous here! Thanks for sharing!

⇒ When will Little Mix come to *insert country here*?
If they have set the date then we will post it. If not, then, we don’t know. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to know that kind of information.

If you have a question, please ask here.