What Will be The Next Single?

From shouting out to their exes to getting knocked off their feet all week, what will be their next single?

Based on the majority of the tweets from fans, there are two songs which caught their attention the most, and those songs are ‘Power’ and ‘No More Sad Songs’.

Both tracks, like ‘Touch‘ and ‘Shoutout to My Ex’, are amazing tunes to dance along to. But the two have different stories to tell.

‘Power’ is a song about pride or the ‘Just follow my lead’ feeling (but there’s something dirty behind these lyrics if you had a mind like mine), while ‘No More Sad Songs’ is a song about trying to forget him, for at least one night.

In my opinion, I want ‘No More Sad Songs’ to be the next single, because I like the tune and the lyrics more. But I wouldn’t mind if ‘Power’ will be the next single too.

Who knows what could be the next single. It could be ‘Oops’ or ‘Down & Dirty’. Heck, it could even be ‘Private Show’. We’ll never know until they announce it. The most important thing is we’ll support the girls in every way possible!


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